Things i do in my spare time, side projects, dailies from projects, some semi-generative stuff in Nuke.

Gallipoli Forever

Some renders while trying to come up with a look.

Visuals for Yerçekimi
with lyrics

Previous batch with lyrics. I had all the good intentions to do this for each song in the album but then I didn’t.

Visuals for Yerçekimi
An image for each song in 'Daha Uzak'

Some images I came up with using Noise and GodRays in Nuke. Semi-generative.

Baska Bir Ruzgarda
Cover for the first single, 'Baska Bir Ruzgarda' from 'Daha Uzak'

Some of the images I’ve done for the cover of the first single called ‘Başka Bir Ruzgarda’ from the second album of Yercekimi. The last one is the actual cover image.

Reaction Diffusion
First attempts at Blink Script in Nuke

To get started with Blink Script, I tried to port Karl Sims’ Reaction-Diffusion tutorial to Nuke. Here are some crude examples.

Daha Uzak Comps
early promo images