Gallipoli Forever

at Otomat
  • previs
  • camera layout
  • edit
  • comp
  • python

The most ambitious project Otomat has ever done: we were responsible for both the production and the post-production on this 90 minutes long full CG documentary about the Gallipoli War.

The idea of the film is to recreate iconic moments from the war in 3D to tell the complicated story of Gallipoli instead of relying on stock footage alone. It was a challenge to come up with a stylistic storytelling mechanism that would both hold throughout 90 minutes to keep the viewers interest and still be informative.

To achieve all this in only 8 months, we photo-scanned actors with costumes of the period with a custom camera rig; using these as a base, we produced around 100 main characters, 500 side characters and around 500 props with a team of 10 3d artists.

Merih Ă–ztaylan and I were responsible for directing/supervising the whole process while Arda Erkman undertook the photo-scan production and post production management.

I did the previs camera layouts, final camera animations, most of the editing; I wrote custom python scripts for the Reality Capture-Maya-Shotgun pipeline and did the compositing on some sequences. Below are some excerpts from the movie.

Handheld Seq